A 1 Hour Workshop For all adult women with ADHD

Conquer Your To-Do List

For Women with ADHD who want to get MORE done With LESS Overwhelm

Do you find it difficult to start and finish those nagging tasks that keep piling up leaving you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work you have to do?

Whether you’re a busy professional, a busy mom, or a student, this is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Learn practical strategies to manage daily tasks more effectively 
  • Discover proven techniques to overcome procrastination and manage distractions
  • Develop an understanding of how to break down large tasks into manageable steps, making them easier to start and finish.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to prioritize tasks and make the most use of your time
  • Walk away with a plan for tackling your to-do list that works for the ADHD brain

So you can take charge of your productivity and start accomplishing more without the constant overwhelm.

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Let’s face it: Relying on motivation alone to get these tasks done isn’t going to cut it.

Your brain simply isn’t wired towards wanting to do daunting, uninteresting, or mundane tasks.

Without the right strategies, you'll continue to struggle with productivity, procrastination, and completing necessary tasks. But you don't have to continue to let your ADHD prevent you from achieving your goals.

During this workshop, you’ll learn practical strategies to:

  • Prioritize and focus on the most important tasks to reach your goals faster.
  • Stay more motivated, focused, and on-task so you can follow through.
  • Make big tasks more manageable and less overwhelming.
  • Create a plan of action that works for your needs for improved productivity and well-being.

Join Me Live for our 1 hour Workshop Thursday, May 25th 2023 @ 12pm PST/3pm EST

For a jam-packed training to:

Have a more organized and efficient approach to tackling tasks with ADHD

Make the most of your day-to-day and get more done.

Gain greater confidence in your ability to manage your workload.

Move forward towards personal and professional goals with more ease.

Are you tired of trying time after time to “just get it done”, only leaving you feeling defeated?

Let me show you how to get your ADHD brain to start and complete those pesky tasks on your “to-do” list without all the overwhelm and frustration.

This training is perfect for women who are:

  • Having trouble starting certain tasks and feel defeated by them
  • Start tasks but don’t always finish them
  • Feel continuously overwhelmed by all of their to-do’s
  • Ready to understand how to manage their tasks and time more effectively with an ADHD brain

Let me guess, you often feel like

You’re running on a hamster wheel trying to keep up, but never feeling like you make a dent in what you ACTUALLY need to get done?

If you’re a woman who Has ADHD (official or self-diagnosed)​ and:

Has a hard time starting and/or finishing tasks

Constantly feels overwhelmed by tasks you know you need to do but feel you can’t

Wants help beating the procrastination cycle that often comes with having ADHD

I’m here to teach you how to

Effectively manage your tasks with less overwhelm

Manage your day-to-day to get more done

Prioritize what matters so you can achieve what you set out to do

What You'll Learn

This is a simple yet effective 1-hour workshop geared towards giving you tangible strategies you can start to implement in your life immediately!

Ready to have the tools and strategies you need to conquer your to-do lists, manage your time more effectively, and boost your productivity to reach your goals - with confidence and clarity?

If you can’t attend live, no worries-you will receive LIFETIME access to the replay and soak up all the incredible information shared!

Join Me Live for our 1 hour Workshop Thursday, May 25th 2023 @ 12pm PST/3pm EST

Your purchase includes lifetime access to the recording and supportive materials