The Shifting shame Masterclass

With Liv Silvana

Empowering Women With ADHD To Shift Shame Through Self Compassion.Empowering Women With ADHD To Shift Shame Through Self Compassion.Empowering Women With ADHD To Shift Shame Through Self Compassion.Empowering Women With ADHD To Shift Shame Through Self Compassion.

Tired Of Feeling Ashamed For How Your Brain Works?

I get it.

  • You beat yourself up for feeling like you’re not reliable at work or in your personal life
  • You may even be dealing with external shame from your boss feeling like you’re always procrastinating and things aren’t getting done
  • You constantly feel stuck and unable to do things in a timely manner like the rest of your peers or coworkers
  • You feel like you can’t do your job and may even be worried about getting fired
  • You feel like you always have to get things done and end up taking on more than you can handle which just creates more overwhelm and throws you into a spiral
  • Perfectionism is your middle name and any mistake you make is unforgivable.
  • You struggle with a lot of negative self talk
  • If you don’t complete things you find yourself getting very frustrated and stuck in your own head

But what if, it didn't have to be that way?

I'll Give You A Hint...

It doesn't.

The Shifting Shame Masterclass is designed for women with ADHD who are ready to finally break free from the shame spiral and start to experience what is possible through self-compassion.

This masterclass has been created at a super affordable rate of $47 USD for any woman with ADHD to access.

Here's The Deets

This is a recorded Masterclass that you’ll receive INSTANT access to upon purchasing

This is a 2-hour recording plus the workshop slides for you to review.

ALL Students who purchase will receive LIFETIME access to the content.

One-Time Investment of $47 USD

This Masterclass Is Designed To Support You To:

Here's A Sneak Peak Of What We'll Cover


What is shame, its purpose, how can it be helpful for us, and how/when it can become harmful.
How does shame impact women with ADHD. Why women with ADHD tend to have more internalized shame than others. How can it show up for you in your daily life.



The Externalizing Process. Actionable steps you can take to start creating awareness of shame-based narratives and work through them to ultimately create more self-compassion.

Ready To Get Started?

Here's What Clients Have To Say

"The money I've invested with working with Olivia 1:1 is the best investment I've ever made in myself or my business"

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Christina Preissner

Health & Wellness Business Owner

“I was able to reduce my overwhelm, minimize my tasks and started to see how much i was running into the ground. She really helped me to organize and figure out the best way to work for myself and recognize things that would wear me down instead of giving me energy. I feel so much more at peace and am able to slow down and set boundaries.”


"It really was a life changing experience for me, I'm so much happier, my relationship is thriving and I'm able to embrace all of me"

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Keri Cooper

Wedding Photographer

“Before working with Liv, my life was always a period of starts and stops but since working together, it’s allowed me to be more of who I am and embrace all of the parts of me, to achieve big goals I’ve had in my career for years, to be more productive.”

"I was able to break things down into manageable goals and let me be a hot mess and successful"

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Nicole Basiago


“With baby steps to move forward, I am more apt to handle my ADHD better and with down days, it doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person- it just means the problem exists and I get to decide how to deal with it and create manageable lists that I can work through without giving up.”

It's time to flip the script oN what it means to be a woman with ADHD

Hey I'm Liv!

After struggling as a school psychologist for over a decade, wondering why I wasn’t functioning the same way as my colleagues, I had reached the point of clinical burnout. In my recovery process, I was diagnosed with ADHD.

Luckily, after spending my entire career working with kids who have ADHD, I was able to take all my tools and resources to support myself along with additional help that has allowed me to be able to accept that I was different and can function in a way that works for me instead of feeling the pressure to fit into the way that everyone else works.

Now, I’m actually able to get stuff done and I live free of panic attacks, because of the changes I made after getting my diagnosis. I’ve gone from being the queen of procrastination to the queen of healthy productivity. It’s why I believe that learning how to THRIVE with your ADHD (instead of fighting against yourself) is the most important and powerful thing you can do as a woman wired differently.