A 2 Hour Workshop For all adult women with ADHD

Hormones and ADHD: From Chaotic to Controlled


Ready to Finally Feel In Control of Your Hormones and Better Manage Your ADHD?


  • Set up your life and day-to-day to work with your hormonal seasons every month and stop getting stuck in shame spirals
  • How to change self-talk patterns and reduce anxiety during PMS weeks
  • How to leverage your cycle to increase your productivity and reduce stress on a daily basis
  • Understand and empower yourself during different life transitions such as pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause to better support your mood, behavior and manage daily tasks to feel more in control
  • How to track your cycle and know where you are at all times to better plan your days, weeks and months so you can be more productive and feel more at ease

It’s time to feel in control of your ADHD.

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Ever wonder why you feel really overwhelmed, anxious, and like you are “losing” it more during certain parts of the month than others?

Like one minute you think your ADHD is managed and the next, nothing seems to help?

Together, your ADHD and hormones can create the perfect storm of symptoms leaving you to try to clean up the aftermath which can be quite messy and frustrating. Not only does this impact you monthly but also during pregnancy and menopause.

As a woman, if you only understand your ADHD and not the role your hormones play, you’ll never fully manage your symptoms.

Imagine being able to understand how your hormones impact your ADHD symptoms so that you can get an even better handle on your ADHD all month long and learn effective ways to:

  • Understand and optimize your brain functioning during each part of your cycle
  • Make the necessary lifestyle changes that will help support you during any hormonal transition (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Navigate overwhelm, anxiousness, and intense emotions that often come with changes in hormones and having an ADHD brain
  • Leverage your cycle to work with your ADHD, not against it
  • Move from a place of self-blame to self-understanding and compassion

Your Purchase Includes The 2-hour Workshop Recording PLUS The Accompanying Workshop Slides in a PDF Format

This Training will help you

Understand the impact of hormones on your ADHD as woman

Learn effective strategies that help you leverage your cycle and your symptoms

Get off the frazzled train and back in control of your brain

Ditch the self-bullying behavior and move toward an empowered space

Are you tired of being stuck in the same continuous battle with your ADHD month after month?

Let me show you how you can manage your ADHD symptoms more effectively by understanding the influence of your hormones

This training is perfect for women who are:

  • Tired of being controlled by their ADHD symptoms each month and feel like it’s a constant battle with their brain
  • Curious about how hormones can impact them and their ADHD during one or all transitions (menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Willing to take the necessary steps to gain a better understanding and navigate their hormones and ADHD to be more productive and reduce stress all month long
  • Ready to ditch the “mean girl” behavior towards themselves and learn what it truly means to practice self-compassion
  • Learn how to better leverage the support around them

So let me ask you,

How much longer do you want to keep spinning on the ADHD and hormone tornado?

If you’re a woman who Has ADHD (official or self-diagnosed)​ and:

Noticed that stimulant medication doesn’t always help

Has to navigate your monthly cycle, pregnancy, and/or peri or menopause

Has tried to manage symptoms but still feels overwhelmed and frustrated

I’m here to teach you how to understand the impact your hormones has on your ADHD brain so that you can:

Understand how to navigate your ADHD symptoms that include all facets of womanhood because it DOES make a difference on your work, relationships, and life!

Leverage your monthly cycle in a way that allows you to reduce overwhelm while still being productive-goodbye self-loathing!

Navigate the intensity that hormones often stir up for women with ADHD, so that you are more in control because your emotions don’t need to run the show!

What You'll Learn

This is a value-packed 2-hour workshop geared towards giving you tangible strategies you can start to implement in your life immediately!

Ready to understand how to gain better control of your ADHD symptoms by understanding the impact your hormones have?

If you can’t attend live, no worries-you will receive LIFETIME  access to the replay and soak up all the incredible information shared!

Your Purchase Includes The 2-hour Workshop Recording PLUS The Accompanying Workshop Slides in a PDF Format

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