Courses & Workshops

Everyone is on their own journey, but that shouldn’t mean you can’t do it alone! Below you can choose to take one or all of my mini-courses to help support you on your ADHD Journey.

How To Stop Being Hard on Yourself Workshop
This workshop is the first step for you to start creating more realistic expectations and shifting your perspective on what you’re capable of so you can forget the anxiety, get out of your head, and finally let go of worry.
ADHD & Hormones Workshop
This workshop is designed for women who experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, PMS, PMDD, or other menstrual-related issues that may be worsened through ADHD. In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to manage your ADHD better & work WITH your hormones to regain control of your mood, ADHD, and life.
Productivity Workshop
Ready to have the tools and strategies you need to conquer your to-do lists, manage your time more effectively, and boost your productivity to reach your goals – with confidence and clarity? This workshop will show you how.
Shifting Shame Masterclass

This workshop is an excellent start for anyone who wants to understand better the patterns of shame in ADHD and how you can start to work through shifting your shame and feeling empowered with your ADHD journey

Executive Functioning Mini-Course
This mini-course will help you understand how ADHD impacts your executive functioning system so you can navigate your challenges and work with them without having to continuously feel defeated trying to do things in a way that doesn’t work for someone with ADHD.
Self Compassion Mini-Course
This mini-course will help you access more of who you truly are outside of your ADHD challenges so you can let go of false beliefs about yourself and cultivate trust and confidence in yourself without having to continue pretending, hiding, or feeling ashamed of being a woman who is neurodivergent.
Mindfulness Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you enhance your level of self-awareness and improve your focus in a way that works for the ADHD brain so you can become less reactive, feel calmer, and reduce stress without having to force yourself to sit still or clear your mind.

Procrastination & Overwhelm Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you manage your overwhelm and procrastination so you can get more of those dreadful but important tasks done without having to default to the usual ADHD paralysis or “shut down” mode and become more productive.

Emotions Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you effectively understand and manage your emotions as a woman with ADHD so you can gain control of how you react and deal with setbacks without having to avoid or suppress intense emotions or fly off the handle when triggered.

New neurodiversity & Inclusion certification

A 3 month beta training program for coaches and course creators ready to serve your neurodivergent clients effectively in a supportive environment so that you can enhance client results, increase retention rates, and maximize your revenue.

More and more people are getting diagnosed with neurodivergent conditions like ADHD and Autism as adults. Ignoring Neurodiversity is Costing You Clients and Money!

Learn Evidence-Based Techniques to be a safe and inclusive space that can properly Serve Neurodivergent Individuals and Experience Increased Profitability or Get Left Behind.