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Personalized Coaching support for Managing ADHD

If you’re overwhelmed by information about navigating your ADHD symptoms, you’re in the right place.

We offer ad hoc personalized support to meet you where you are on your adhd journey.

No Long-Term Commitments Or Scary Investments.

We understand that navigating life as a woman with ADHD isn’t always easy. It can feel terrifying to ask for help or admit you need support, but it’s one of the best things you can do to understand yourself better, learn how to manage your overwhelm, and feel back in control of your life.

If you’ve been professionally diagnosed, or self-diagnosed, keep reading.

Can you relate to any of this?

These are all common experiences of unmanaged adhd...

But they don't have to be your norm.

We’re here to show you that it is possible to feel in control of your life even with your ADHD.

If you’ve ever wanted personalized 1-1 coaching support to help you better understand your brain, this is it.

Together, we help our clients develop the emotional regulation tools to navigate their ADHD along with personalized education and action plans to improve their executive functioning.

An Evidence-Based Approach To Lasting Change

Through personalized support with over 10+ years of experience in School Psychology working with underprivileged students and developing custom Individual Lesson Plans…

Olivia provides a safe and professional space to help clients better understand themselves and learn the tools needed to manage their ADHD, including:

How it works


Choose your pricing tier

We offer three tiers of pricing ranging from $147-$247 per session on a sliding scale base. We encourage folks to choose the pricing option that works best for them and their current financial situation.


Book your session

Find a time that works best for you on the calendar below and complete the short intake form to help us understand how you’d like to use our time together to book your call!


Personalized action plan

After our call, we’ll provide a short summary of tangible action steps you can take to help improve your most prominent symptoms and continue working towards managing your ADHD.

Ad Hoc 1-1 Coaching Sessions

We offer sliding scale pricing for one-off ad hoc private 60-minute Zoom coaching sessions to help you better manage your ADHD symptoms with ADHD-certified educator and mental health professional Olivia Silvana.

No application process is required to book your session, nor must you prove your income.; choose the option that most applies to you and pay at the time of booking.

Clients may choose to book as many sessions as they’d like with no commitment or requirement for booking.

Ongoing Support Framework

Step 1

Enhancing Awareness

During this time we will get to really know YOU, explore in depth what you are currently experiencing, how it is impacting you, and why you haven’t been able to move forward. Think of this like shining a light on the things that have been kept in the dark. This step is necessary without awareness, change cannot happen.

Step 2

Building Foundations

During this step we will start to build your foundational supports at the primary and basic level. This includes: sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness, self-regulation, executive functioning. This is essential as we move forward toward helping your brain thrive. A lack of these can cause your ADHD symptoms to become worse.

Step 3

The Learn-Unlearn-Relearn Cycle

This will be an ongoing process as we work through understanding and shifting false beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck. As you implement new tools and strategies, it will be essential to reprogram your beliefs in order to untangle your challenges from your core identity and who you are beyond your ADHD. This is the true catalyst to change.

Step 4


This is where we will modify and make adjustments as needed. Coaching is meant to help guide you towards what works for YOU, so some things will need to be fine-tuned in order to make sure it is effective for who you are, how you function, and your circumstances. After all, we are individuals with our own unique needs.

Please choose your pricing tier below to book your coaching session

Tier 1. $247/session

This option is our full rate and traditional pricing is recommended for folks who have financial stability and security and would not be putting themselves at financial risk by investing at this level.

By choosing this option, you help offset costs for folks who cannot afford our traditional rates and often those most commonly targeted for oppression and marginalization.

***Payment is due at the time of booking***

Tier 2. $197/session

This option is for women who may not be able to afford the total price of our coaching sessions but would not be put in financial jeopardy if investing at this rate.

By choosing this option, you help offset costs for folks who cannot afford our traditional rates and often those most commonly targeted for oppression and marginalization.

***Payment is due at the time of booking***

Tier 3. $147/session

This option is for women historically targeted for marginalization, who have experienced poverty, or sole providers such as single moms, parents, or others.

Please only choose this option if you believe you cannot afford this support otherwise, as it’s meant to be accessible to those who need it most.

***Payment is due at the time of booking***

Client Testimonials

The money I've invested with working with Olivia 1:1 is the best investment I've ever made in myself or my business

“I was able to reduce my overwhelm, minimize my tasks and started to see how much i was running into the ground. She really helped me to organize and figure out the best way to work for myself and recognize things that would wear me down instead of giving me energy. I feel so much more at peace and am able to slow down and set boundaries.”

It really was a LIFE-CHANGING experience for me, I'm so much happier, my relationship is thriving and I'm able to embrace all of me

“Before working with Liv, my life was always a period of starts and stops but since working together, it’s allowed me to be more of who I am and embrace all of the parts of me, to achieve big goals I’ve had in my career for years, to be more productive.”

I was able to break things down into manageable goals and let myself be a hot mess AND successful.

“With baby steps to move forward, I am more apt to handle my ADHD better and with down days, it doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person- it just means the problem exists and I get to decide how to deal with it and create manageable lists that I can work through without giving up.”

Meet The Founder

Hi I'm Liv

M.S. In School Psychology, B.A. in Applied Psychology, Certified Trauma-Informed, Certified in Mindfulness, Certified ADHD Educator

Former School Psychologist turned entrepreneur. I have always been a free-spirit who didn’t fit or function well inside of a box.

I have over 16 years in the mental health field with over 10 years of direct experience as a clinician. ADHD has always been one of my specialties.. I am trauma-informed as well as certified in mindfulness and other evidence-based modalities. 

Despite my knowledge on ADHD, I went undiagnosed most of my life which resulted in a clinical level burnout in 2019. It wreaked havoc on my physical and mental wellbeing. After being diagnosed, I decided to take everything I knew and apply it to my own life. As a high-achiever who was trying way too hard to keep up, I had a significant amount of unlearning to do.

Today, I run a successful business helping other women with ADHD understand themselves so they can work with their wiring and not against it, too.

Training and credentials

ADHD Certified Educator

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

Masters of Science in School Psychology

Trained & Certified Through NASP

School Pyschologist for 10+ years

Certified in

Certified Trauma-Informed