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Shifting the Narrative


Step out of the box you’ve been shoved in and into truly living as a woman wired differently.

Are you struggling

TO FIND relief

Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or diagnosed as a child, if you are a woman who struggles with executive functions, emotional regulation, and other complexities that come with ADHD, you are in the right place.

Having ADHD as a woman impacts every area of your life personally and professionally. It is likely causing you to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and defective.

I offer a trauma-informed, evidence-based approach for female professionals and entrepreneurs struggling with navigating their ADHD brain.

It’s time to say goodbye to shame and hello to a life that suits the way you are wired.

Imagine IF YOU...

Had someone who not only had the education and clinical experience but also had walked through her ADHD journey and understood it firsthand.

Were given the exact recipe to build your solid foundation so that your brain and nervous system could thrive instead of surviving

Feel safe to step into your power as a woman with ADHD and drop the masks that have kept you from having deeper connections.

Learned what it means to have healthy productivity…

As a high-achiever with ADHD to reduce instances of burnout and fatigue.

WORK together

1:1 Private Coaching

This is for you if you are looking for a fully customized approach with more hands-on support for your ADHD and a plan that is catered directly to your individual needs.

Self Study Courses & Workshops

If you’re not in a place right now where you can afford to invest a large amount of money, I offer access to all of my content in the form of self study courses for you to take all at once or one at a time.

HI, I'MLiv

Former School Psychologist turned entrepreneur. I have always been a free-spirit who didn’t fit or function well inside of a box.

I have over 16 years in the mental health field with over 10 years of direct experience as a clinician. ADHD has always been one of my specialties.. I am trauma-informed as well as certified in mindfulness and other evidence-based modalities. Despite my knowledge on ADHD, I went undiagnosed most of my life which resulted in a clinical level burnout in 2019. It wreaked havoc on my physical and mental wellbeing. After being diagnosed, I decided to take everything I knew and apply it to my own life. As a high-achiever who was trying way too hard to keep up, I had a significant amount of unlearning to do.

Today, I run a successful business helping other women with ADHD understand themselves so they can work with their wiring and not against it, too.

Training and credentials

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology

Masters of Science in School Psychology

Trained & Certified Through NASP

School Pyschologist for 10+ years

Certified in
Mindfulness through Mindful Schools

Trauma-Informed Through PESI

Here's What Women Say:

"The money I've invested with working with Olivia 1:1 is the best investment I've ever made in myself or my business"

“I was able to reduce my overwhelm, minimize my tasks and started to see how much i was running into the ground. She really helped me to organize and figure out the best way to work for myself and recognize things that would wear me down instead of giving me energy. I feel so much more at peace and am able to slow down and set boundaries.”

"It really was a LIFE-CHANGING experience for me, I'm so much happier, my relationship is thriving and I'm able to embrace all of me"

“Before working with Liv, my life was always a period of starts and stops but since working together, it’s allowed me to be more of who I am and embrace all of the parts of me, to achieve big goals I’ve had in my career for years, to be more productive.”

"I was able to break things down into manageable goals and let myself be a hot mess AND Successful."

“With baby steps to move forward, I am more apt to handle my ADHD better and with down days, it doesn’t mean I’m a terrible person- it just means the problem exists and I get to decide how to deal with it and create manageable lists that I can work through without giving up.”

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